Daddy’s girl *guest blog*

Daddy’s girl. Guest blog post for Snot On My Jumper.

Snot On My Jumper

Written by Alexia Rowley (Roots and Wings Parenting)

When my 2 year old daughter announced for the 5th time this morning “NOT MUMMY! Daddy do it” I finally gave up and let the man of the hour step in. Feeling a sense of crushing rejection. Why will I do on a daily basis when I am home with her, but the weekends she ditches me quicker than a teenager does to last week’s boy band?

Daddys girl

I hope I am not the only mum experiencing this. I fear that the attachment I have worked hard to build and nurture, is completely broken at the weekends. I honestly don’t think my daughter would notice if I moved out for those 2 days. Yet she would notice if daddy even goes to the bathroom without her. Everything I read tells me not to take this personally, which I find is easier said…

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