All Change

20160511_063353I have never really liked change or been very good at dealing with it. I like what I know and routine, but since becoming a mum change is part of daily life. The changing mood of a toddler, the changing patterns of a baby, the changing faces attending baby groups, the change of friendships as people come out of ‘baby bubbles’ and head back off to work or new mum’s having new babies. Old friends starting families, people moving, children starting pre-school or nursery or school. I don’t think I have ever experienced as much change in my life. I guess most surprisingly I have changed too. This is something I was not expecting, in fact, something I swore I would not do, but how can I help it? How can you not change when suddenly you have others to think about before yourself? When you don’t want to, or perhaps can’t do, all the things you used to do socially. When suddenly invites to children’s birthday parties don’t seem like a dull way to spend the weekend, they actually sound fun!

Change is now the only certain, yet for the first time it doesn’t feel as scary. It feels like the natural order of things. I guess I have changed more than I realised! Life with children means it is always evolving and adapting, it becomes subtle and expected. The more I embrace and accept change, the more I enjoy life’s journey and let go of what I cannot control. That is definitely something my children have taught me and a change I am grateful for.


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