Nap, please nap!

1467179017021-895728849Naps have been an obsession of mine since my first baby was born, she is now just over 2 ½ and I still spend a disproportionate amount of time worrying  about them. Getting the children to nap, wondering how long they might nap, and if they haven’t napped, why not?

This week my daughter has dropped her day nap. Making a 12-hour day seemingly double in length, and it reminded me of a post I wrote about 5 months ago. It was of course just a stage, and now my daughter sleeps in a big girl bed and my son naps in his cot or pushchair, but at the time I wondered if we may ever get to this point…….

As I sit bouncing my baby son up and down in his car seat, willing him to sleep and not wake up his sister, I wonder if other mothers have days when the monotony becomes a little suffocating? I love my children, in fact I truly love them more than I thought was possible, but some days are hard work, especially at nap time.

My son will only sleep in a car seat during the day, which at nearly 8 months is getting a bit ridiculous, not to mention extremely heavy when rocking him to sleep in that. Whilst my daughter will only sleep in her travel cot in the day. Despite having a cot and a ‘big girl bed’. Which basically means that I have to work around the child that’s less portable and more fussy (my daughter) and therefore am in the position of rocking my son to sleep in his preferred chair at least once a day (and that’s a good day). I’m sure I should be trying to work on getting him to nap in his cot, or encouraging my daughter off the rock hard travel cot mattress to a normal bed, but you know what, I haven’t got the energy right now. If that’s how that’s sleep then fine by me, as long as they sleep! In fact, more recently as my son has got more difficult to settle I have been finding nap times a combination of completely euphoria mixed with exhaustion! I honestly don’t know whether to have a party in this situation or curl up in bed.

I repeat to myself on a daily basis ‘this is just a phase, it won’t last forever, and one day I’ll miss them being so small’. Just when I am daydreaming about escaping to an exotic Island alone, my son will beam at me, or my daughter will hug me. In that moment I am reminded that, to steal a line from L’OREAL, they are worth it!  Especially if they have napped!!



4 thoughts on “Nap, please nap!

  1. I had this exact kind of overwhelming day yesterday. Eden append but in 10 minute segments. Literally got no time to myself and by the time my wife got home I was shattered and irritable.
    It’s hard work. You’re doing a great job xx

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  2. Days like this really wear you down for sure but you’re doing an amazing job! It’s hard to even think like that when it’s all going on but it’s so true. #MMBC

    Jordanne ||

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