New mum, the beginning….


When I had my first daughter the world changed for me. Activities I thought were so simple suddenly became a source of worry and confusion; I saw danger in everything. The amount of luggage I used to take for a 4-day holiday suddenly became daily wear. Everything now took military planning.

Things I took for granted like getting petrol, what do you do? Take the baby out the car? What if they are sleeping? Do you carry the car seat in or risk walking with them across the forecourt with no protective casing? Driving, suddenly 30 miles per hour seems really fast. Driving home from hospital for the first time with my daughter took 45 minutes as we would not go above 20 miles an hour, which as you might imagine caused a tailback and a lot of unhappy motorists.

Popping in for a pint of milk on the way home, why don’t shops have drive through windows? I mean seriously, how on earth are new mothers supposed to shop?

Even going to the toilet in a public place – where do you put the baby? If the cubicle is too small to take the pushchair, do you ask a stranger to watch the baby? Do you, as a friend suggested, use blankets and coats to make a makeshift bed on the floor for baby? What if you are ‘wearing’ baby, how do you undo your trousers when it took half an hour to work out how to put on the wrap/ carrier?

The world is a minefield!? I don’t remember learning about that in the antenatal classes?

Diary of a new mum series. First published on Snot on my Jumper Blog.



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