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Recently I was asked to review the new Sudocrem Care and Protect, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to write a post about change bag essential. So if you are a mum to be or new parent you may find this useful.

Of course when I was a first time mum I thought I needed to buy the contents of Mothercare. Everything looked so essential, yet so alien at the same time. I hadn’t even heard of half the stuff let alone knew what to do with it, but if they sold it I guess it was for a reason, so I must need it? Wrong. Of course there are a million things to buy but really what do you need?

I try and keep my bag to the essentials yet as I started to compose this list it did strike me that I used to take less on a weekend away then I do on a daily basis with a baby.

So for a change bag aka ‘mum bag’. Here are the things I found invaluable:

The bag itself; usually a long strapped, big, zipped, waterproof change bag with many compartments and a change mat. Although actually a very clever friend used an everyday rucksack. I have no idea why this hadn’t occurred to me. If you are planning on using a sling or carrier, then a change bag is a faff and a rucksack is actually much more practical as it balances the weight out a lot better. However, if you are mostly using a pushchair change bags are fab as you don’t have to carry it over your shoulder. Is there such thing as a change rucksack? i.e. comes with a change mat? Because that would be perfect.

Change mat, which you can use in public toilet change stations.

Wipes. In those early cotton wool days, I used water wipes when I was out as it wasn’t always practical to bring a bowl to fill with water and cotton wool. Now I love baby wipes. Some friends used Cheeky wipes, which are reusable and environmentally friendly. They are great but I didn’t feel organised enough and with regular poonamie situations I didn’t want any more washing.

Nappies. I use Aldi as I have found them excellent in terms of fewer leaks and fit for my children. Not to mention price wise. I couldn’t believe how much nappies cost; I think Aldi may have halved our nappy costs.


Nappy rash cream. We have been using Sudocrem care & protect and it’s been fabulous. I was expecting a very thick cream like the Sudocrem that’s given out in the bounty packs. This cream however is light, easily absorbed and the small tube is ideal for change bag. Great to use if your little one does get prone to nappy rash; as a preventative measure or when they are a little red. It has Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 so it keeps their skin lovely and soft and protected. We use it after each change with my son as teething means he gets very sore and this has prevented that.

Depending on how you are feeding I found a breastfeeding cover great for those early weeks/ months when I was very conscious of feeding in public. Although it is not something I use now, and actually a big muslin or scarf can work just as well. If you are bottle feeding then bottles of course, and if you are using formula those ready-made bottles are great for the change bag.

Muslins. LOTS of muslins. These little cloths are invaluable

Change of clothes. For baby, and if you have a sickie baby then a spare top for you. The biggest challenge I found with this was having clothes the right size because they grow so quickly. Or having enough changes of clothes. When my son was newborn he managed to go through 3 outfits in one short outing.

Snacks. Once your baby is on solids you will be surprised how many snacks they consume. I have honestly nearly doubled my food bill since having children and it feels like most of that goes on fruit, crackers, breadsticks and rice cakes. All of which I carry on a daily basis in my bag.

Toys. I don’t personally think you need to carry many toys, there is always something that entertains babies. My son loves wooden spoons in cafes, the ones they give you with your table number, and this seems a lot more fun than any of his toys, but it may be useful to carry 1 or 2 toys for distraction should you need it.

Mum stuff. The above just applies to baby, obviously now you have a ‘mum bag’ handbags are out the window, so you have to transfer all your stuff too. Phone, keys, purse, hairband. You will be surprised how little you carry for you, now that you have to pack like you used to to go abroad just for a few hours out with a baby.

Plastic bag. This is one item I always forget. I don’t mean nappy bags. I don’t really use them as change facilitates have nappy bins and otherwise I take them home. A plastic bag is needed for any dirty clothes you can’t put back in the change bag.

Don’t be put off by the extensive list. Once its packed you only need to refresh things rather than re do every outing. You will soon get used to your suitcase i.e. mum bag essentials when you go out.

*If you enjoyed reading this please do share it with your friends, and check out my Facebook Page I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences so pop by and say hi 🙂

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  1. Fab list – I need to sort out my changing bag as it is currently just an array of mess…things that I forgot about months ago! We were also a big fan of Metanium and also love Aldi nappies 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Hope you come back next week xx

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