The perfect baby


If someone asked how life was going would you tell them that your life is perfect? That you have the perfect home or the perfect partner or the perfect job? I think it is unlikely. So why when you ask how someone’s baby is, do they sometimes reply their baby is “perfect”? And I don’t mean in that dewy eyed, new parent, every baby is perfect kind of way. I mean they actually believe their baby is ‘perfect’.

I bumped into a new dad I know at the weekend and inquired how his baby was doing. He replied that she is “perfect; she never cries, sleeps through the night and is the easiest baby”. Now I can’t help but wonder one of two things. Firstly does this constitute a ‘perfect’ baby? And secondly, if so, and my baby is pretty much the opposite, does this make my baby, and probably 80% of other babies, flawed?

What is perfect? If an adult was always compliant, never spoke and rarely showed emotions would we find this desirable? We may joke that this would be the perfect spouse, but the reality is that we would perhaps find this person a little odd? Or at the least a little dull? I’m not suggesting this baby is either, but I do find the whole thing rather strange. Babies cry to communicate.

It turns out my acquaintance is not the only person I have met with the ‘perfect baby’, baby groups are littered with them. The ones that “sleep through from when she was 6 days old and still does a year later”. The baby that “never fusses”, “he’s just so easy”, “you would barely know he is there”. The same can certainly not be said for mine. When I had my first baby this kind of comment would have left me feeling like I was a failure. I would cry and question why wasn’t she sleeping?, why did she want to eat every 2 hours round the clock? What was I doing wrong?

Now I have a slightly different take on it, if we never have the difficult times how do we appreciate the good ones? When said ‘perfect baby’ reaches toddlerhood and are the ones having a mega meltdown in Tesco’s as we sail past with our beautifully behaved children (who have been ladened with Pom Bears and biscuits to ease the shopping experience) we can have an internal smug moment. For we know all too well the world of meltdowns. We have experienced them from the moment our child entered the world. But for this 5 minutes it is not our child in that position, it is the parent who proudly announced they had the ‘perfect baby’, and for that we can be glad.

So next time when you harmlessly ask how someone’s baby is getting on and they say they have a perfect baby, take heart that while your baby may not be this definition of ‘perfect’, but your child has character and personality. We can appreciate the good times because we have had the bad, so in the long run perhaps it is us who have the ‘perfect baby’ after all?

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16 thoughts on “The perfect baby

  1. Oh, I am terrible as I am the opposite to brag parents. NEVER ask me how my kids sleep if you don’t want a four letter tirade back and me crying and snotting all over your shoulder!

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  2. I’m only just realising that my baby is completely normal. I felt like a bit of a failure too after hearing all the “perfect baby” stories. My son never sleeps through the night, grunts snd squeals 24/7 and is constsntly attached to my boob, but he 100% rocks my world. Great post! x


  3. All three of my children are perfect – they are teens – I am definitely joking! Ha ha – loved this post – I do think sometimes that people are so blinkered by the overwhelming joy of a child that they think they are perfect – but that does not mean the rest are flawed. But we all know the types – just wait ’til the school playground – ‘Johnny is reading this and that’ ‘lizzie is too clever she’s been put up a year’ etc etc! Loved this post! #DreamTeam


  4. If I’m totally honest, I suspect that no baby is perfect, but that a certain number of parents believe that they need to say that their babies are, even if they aren’t, as though it’s a badge of honour. My two certainly are not perfect, but they’re mine, so that’s perfect enough for me 🙂 Great post. Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

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  5. I definitely agree with you. My boy is not perfect but I think he’s great. I often described his as full of character and personality and I love him that way. Thanks for linking up with the #Dreamteam and look forward to seeing you next week!

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  6. I’ll take ‘character’ & ‘personality’ over ‘perfect’ any day! Perfect would just be plain boring. And we’d have nothing to chat about – let alone blog about haha 😉 Great post X

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