Baby 2 – Reality verses imagined

20160918_214831When I fell pregnant with my second child, I wavered between excitement and fear. I now knew how wonderful life can be with a baby. Yet at moments I questioned my sanity! What on earth were we thinking planning number 2 just 10 months after our first? This pendulum of emotions took me though my pregnancy. Thankfully the birth of my son was a positive experience and instead of my love being divided, as I’d feared, it doubled!

The early days alone with them both were daunting and a matter of trial and error. I learnt quickly that my imagined view on something was often very different to the reality….

Imagined… I will take my son in the sling whilst pushing my daughter in her pushchair to the park. An idyllic day and postcard for juggling 2.

Reality… My daughter screamed as she didn’t want to be in the pushchair, she wanted to walk and be carried (simultaneously). Which meant holding her, pushing an empty pushchair and sweating whilst my son was strapped to me. Or putting her down, bending over with the sling which nearly sent my son toppling out.

Imagined…. Taking both children to multi roomed playgroup. A great way for both to have fun experiences and age appropriate toys and stimulation.

Reality… it turns out being in 2 places at once is pretty difficult. And when my daughter was brought back to me (by another mum that I didn’t know), soaking wet because she fell in the water play whilst I was feeding my son, it makes you feel pretty useless.

Imagined…my daughter would coo over her brother and gently kiss and cuddle him

Reality… my daughter adores her brother, so much so that laying her full body weight over his, and often his head, became her way of showing him. Me screaming things that I never thought I’d say ‘no, don’t sit on his head’ or our favourite ‘That doesn’t go in his ear!’

Yet on the other hand the reality was better than the imagined. Having 2 is obviously exhausting, but also lovely. Most surprisingly I found the jump from 1 to 2 was an easier transition then becoming first time parent.

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13 thoughts on “Baby 2 – Reality verses imagined

  1. You know, the best piece of advice I received when I was pregnant with number two was to…survive. I kept my expectations open to going with the flow and it’s made the past 15 months that much easier. As your children’s relationship starts to blossom (regardless of tiffs, gah the swiping!!) It’s a beautiful sight to see. Great honest post. #DreamTeam Yvadney x

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  2. So true – all of it. I think this is why I had such post partum depression with my first- my realities really crashed down on me and didn’t quite match the fantasies that I had built up for the past nine months…or 25 years!


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    1. Aww, I am sorry to hear that. I think it is very true. It can be hard to know what to expect, especially the first time! I imagine its common to imagine parenthood to be a certain way and the reality might not live up to that. I hope you had lots of support and things are easier for you now. xx


  3. What a lovely post. Your imagined vs reality had me in giggles. I have heard similar things from mummies of 2, who went into having their 2nd thinking it would be easier 2nd time around 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam. xx

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